Slate Roof System

Slate Roof System

Slate Roof System

Slate roof tiles are a type of roofing system material that’s durable, pleasant appearance-wise and can offer a wide range of protective features when used as a roof for your home. It usually comes in the form of tiles and installed by professionals. Slate roof tiles are also resistant against many forces of nature and against chemicals that can easily corrode other roofing materials. What are the benefits and flaws in using slate roof systems?

What are the Advantages of Slate Roofs?

Slate roofing systems are a strong example when it comes to durability, longevity and protection when it comes to the wide range of different roofing system materials. It can’t be denied that slate roofing systems are popular among homeowners. Here are some of the advantages that slate roof systems have when they’re used in your home.
● Natural look that’s aesthetically pleasing
● Can easily be customized for your tastes
● Beautiful to look at while still maintaining durability
● Comes in all sorts of natural colors and shades
● An extremely durable material
● Can have a material lifespan of more than 70 years
● Amazing fireproofing that doesn’t get burned by flames
● Storm resistant, wind resistant, snow resistant
● Requires little maintenance to retain quality
● Non-combustible material
● Little to no costs in maintenance
● Broken or damaged slates can easily be replaced


What are the Disadvantages of Slate Roofs?

With the long list of benefits in utilizing slate roofing systems, slate roofs aren’t invincible and perfect. While they’re a great choice for being used as a roof for your home, it still has its flaws that provide an Achilles’ heel for slates. Here are some of the disadvantages that slate roofing systems possess.
● Must be initially installed by a trained professional
● Weight can become an issue as it 100 square feet can weight as much as 800 lbs up to 1500 lbs
● Supporting structures may need to be reinforced because of the weight
● Susceptible to breaking and cracking if weight is applied onto the slates
● Difficult to make repairs because of the risk in breaking the slate tiles
● Matching tiles for replacing broken or damaged ones may be difficult to find
● Slate tiles installed haphazardly can lead to leaks, gaps or cracks
● Additional cost may be needed for installation or repair of slate roof systems
● Considered as the most expensive among the different types of roofing systems

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